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Photography October-26-2019

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The SWRPS Training Academy

Founded by Chris in 2010, originally as a Regional Squad with the approval of the NSRA and British Shooting, SWRPS is a training academy that has a proven track record of success with our current and former athletes. In 2019, the Regional Squad element was passed to new managers.

Chris' SWRPS Academy continues, with a new acronym, as a training academy through which we provide coaching opportunities to develop talented, interested athletes to achieve their goals and progress to National Squads. We work with beginners as well as existing experienced competitors. We support local clubs and individuals by providing coaching opportunities and training experiences.

Our aim is to develop competitive shooting skills for beginners to champions. 

We Coach competitors for ISSF competition and the shooting disciplines for multi-event competitors such as Triathletes, Tetrathletes and Pentathletes. SWRPS coaches are qualified to assess athletes for the Pentathlon GB Shooting Certificate.

We will help you train to improve your performance by engaging with the technical, mental and tactical elements required to achieve at the highest levels of your sport. We have achieved excellent results with our hard working athletes who have reaped the rewards of their efforts.

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Knowing what is possible when you train with us ...

News about the performance of former SWRPS athletes who achieved Elite status with Team GB:

May 2014: Kerenza Bryson achieves a perfect shooting performance at the Youth World Pentathlon Championships in Budapest; Team Gold (Youth A Team Gold) Well done Kerenza: 5 hits in 5 shots for each of the three shooting components of the Combined Event: in 9 seconds, 11 seconds and 11 seconds. I coached Kerenza for 2-years prior to her joining Team GB and her competition performance reflects her training efforts.

2015: Michael Bailey becomes European Junior Champion and GB top pistol shot

June 2015: Simon Gibbard achieves 3-Gold and 2-Bronze Medals for pistol shooting at the Channel Islands Open Competition.





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