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January 31, 2014
Competitive Pistol Shooting

Book Review:

"I can highly recommend Competitive Pistol Shooting, for any shooter, at any stage of their shooting career. It covers every aspect of the sport, taking you through the mental, physical and technical training skills. The book is easy to understand and has clear and concise instructions. Having read the book twice, it has already become my main reference book for training."

January 26, 2014
Sale ends soon

Hurry ... the current offer for multi-licence purchases of the pdf edition of 'Competitive Pistol Shooting' ends on 30th January

January 20, 2014
Described as 'Brillant'

Competitive Pistol Shooting described as 'Brilliant', 'Interesting' and 'Helpful'.

I suggest you order a personalised dedication in the pdf version from this website by clicking on the Paypal button. Remember the current 40% discount on bulk orders of 10-copies.

See the Competitive Pistol page of this website for details.

January 10, 2014
New Year Offer

A free Quick Start Guide to my new book, 'Competitive Pistol Shooting', is now available.

Also, there is currently a 40% discount for multi-user licences (purchases of 10-copies) of 'Competitive Pistol Shooting' eBook pdf.

See the Competitive Pistol page of this website for details.