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SWRPS was founded in 2010 with the aim of coaching competitive pistol shooting with the support of the sports NGBs; our success are evident through the people we have coached:


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February 28, 2012
SWRPS Celebrates

The South West Region Pistol Squad approaches its 1st Birthday in April 2012. As it does so we reflect on the remarkable achievements of the Squad during this first year. Chris founded SWRPS in September 2010 and began training athletes from May 2011, since then two athletes have been promoted to Team England, others have achieved GB status in the Pentathalon and many others have won shooting competitions and recorded Personal Bests. Our hardworking athletes thoroughly deserve their successes. With thanks to the Coaching Team.

February 27, 2012
Milestone Reached

Welcome to Coaching with Chris Mason.

The launch of this website and the publication of Chris' book, 'Learning Matters', marks a milestone. Learning Matters can be purchased as a pdf download from Chris or as a e-Book with Amazon Kindle; see the Product page of this website for further details.