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Coaching Programme 

Finding What Works for You and When

The A4G Coaching Programme is an individual training scheme to assist competitive shooters to achieve their goals. The advantages of the scheme mean that Chris and Competitor retain 2-way communication even in circumstances where it is difficult for them to meet or to meet frequently.  Chris works with competitors across the 4-cornerstones of successful performance:

  • Technical,
  • Mental,
  • Physical and
  • Tactical.

Inovative use of technologies ensures that performances are analysed using all available information. Competitors remain in control of their progress and will agree an individual training plan. They will complete performance journals, which following analysis by Chris, will become a personal database of what works for them in which circumstances; a valuable source of reference.

To apply to join the Coaching Programme send Chris an email.

The cost is £50 per month, payable in advance; an invoice with payment information will be sent at the beginning of each month. Where necessary, other expenses such as travelling may be agreed and charged.



Global Coaching in a Global World

Making innovative use of communicating technologies to bring coaching to the World 

Benefiting Coaches and Competitors
Gain your competitive advantage
Be Inspired, Be Inspiring
Chris Mason
Professional Coach

Monthly Coaching Programme Fee

Free copy of my book Learning Matters 2nd Edition (ebook pdf version) 

Free copy of my book Competitive Pistol Shooting (ebook pdf version)

Free access to online resources

Complientary Offers

Offers and resources are made available to everyone who is enrolled on the coaching programme.

All offers and course materials are covered  by copyright and cannot be copied or shared in any format without the written permision of the author and publisher. Apply here for permission: click here to email