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All athletes are supported  by their individual Training Plan and Performance Journals.

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Coaching Tips

August 2, 2013
Learning Works Together

Coaching is an altruistic learning process.  Learning works because there is mutual trust and respect in the partnership between the Coach and the Athlete. The Coach will guide their Athlete through options for progression to help them to achieve their goals; and the Athlete undertakes the journey with a willingness to learn, committment to the training and a realisation that the Coach is their best guide for that journey.

The Coach's role is:

  • To use the needs of the Athlete and their goals as the benchmark for improving performance;
  • To accurately assess the Athlete's performances in training and competition;
  • To provide realistic training including honest feedback;
  • To review agreed training plans with the Athlete;
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching and to pass on their Athlete to a new coach when their skills are insufficient to meet the needs of their Athlete;

The Athlete's role is:

  • To have goals that they are striving to achieve;
  • To be willing to learn;
  • To train in accordance with their agreed training plan;
  • Reflect honestly upon their performances in training and competiton;
  • To give feedback to their Coach;

Working together is the only effective way of ensuring the learning works; therefore there is a choice that allows the Athlete to choose their Coach and vice versa.