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Coaching Tips

March 2, 2013
Mental Reset

Sporting Success is achieved because you have a high level ambition and you believe you can achieve it.

Success is possible using a combination of three attributes:

1. Technical Skill

2. Physical Ability

3. Mental Strength

Of these the top 5% of athletes know the importance of mental strength and train this.

The idea of a mental reset is having the capability to move to the right places from the wrong places during a competiton. In this way you protect your performance by keeping a positive attitude whilst concentrating on your technical skill when recovering from adversity. To achieve a mental reset we need to be able to distract our thoughts away from the present; if you like give our mind a rest, and then reset our thoughts with positive inputs.

To be a mental distraction requires our attention to be taken up with an activity that carries no emotional attachment; such as reading a couple of pages of a book; visualising a neutral image; listening to music - all of these examples must be innoccuous to the user.

Whether in training or competiton we only focus on positives. In other words we take note of what worked well [our successes] and what we will do differently next time [our solutions]. These solutions and successes become the objectives for our next training session. In this way we are progressing and at the same time protecting how we feel about our skills and abilities => our performance.