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Online Classroom April-12-2018

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Chris Mason PGCPSE  BSc

Chris is highly motivated and successful, with experience in leadership and developing others. 

Chris is an experienced Photographer. He developed his love of capturing moments and telling stories through his photographs at school as a member of the Photographic Club. His Documentary style of Photography has grown with experience and covering events such as weddings, corporate and sporting events.  Click to view samples of his photographs. Clickto email Chris to discuss your needs.

Chris has over 40-years experience with shooting sports; he is a former pistol competitor with the Team England National Squad and achieved many titles including British Rapid Fire Pistol Champion, UK Police National Pistol Champion for four consecutive years and a European Bronze medal in his collection.

He is currently a Regional Pistol Coach working in the South and South West UK and through his Global Coaching Programme he is working with competitors across the World.

Chris is professionally qualified and has over 30-years experience in teaching, coaching, mentoring, assessing, evaluation and quality assurance. He is a former Fellow of the IVA for assessment and quality assurance. Chris has devised training programmes for newly appointed trainers and successfully operated an NVQ Assessment Centre; through which he authored new vocational qualifications within the NVQ framework.

Working with businesses Chris aims to provide the mental and tactical skills to enable them to compete successfully through the development of their leaders and teams. How do you know strategies are working? He can assist in the development of realistic evaluation and assessment tools to enable the management of performance improvements at individual, team and corporate levels.

Chris has developed a coaching style that successfully and rapidly improves the performance of the people he coaches. His practical approach to coaching is used to teach the technical, mental, physical and tactical skills to enable his athletes to compete successfully in sport.  He supports athlete development with individually tailored training plans and ongoing reviews. Many of his athletes are competing at National and International levels. He coaches ISSF competitors as well as Pentathletes and Tetrathletes for GB Pentathlon development squads and Pony Clubs. Chris' athletes enjoy splendid results with many achieving National and International success.

There is greater emphasis on Coach Compliance these days and in addition to Chris' teaching and assessment qualifications, he is compliant in:

  • NSRA Regional Pistol Coach 
  • Insured for Public Liability & Professional Indemnity
  • First Aid qualified EFAW
  • DBS Certificate
  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children

Chris is the author of many guides on the science and art of teaching and assessing. His latest works are published under the titles, 'Learning Matters' and 'Competitive Pistol Shooting'; both of these ebooks are currently available as a personalised copy in pdf format; please see Books and Guides and Competitive Pistol 

 You can review Chris' journey in sporting excellence at:


February 28, 2012
Fellowship of the IVA

Jan 2010 ... After a meeting of the IVA Executive Committee it has been decided to offer you a Fellowship
"in consideration of consistent and valued support via counter-intuitive, contentious, mystical and small arms articles for the Newsletter and disruptive personal appearances at events".


February 28, 2012
Lifelong Learning
Oct 2011 ... "Thank you for your help and support and for guiding me to a path I would never have found for myself."

February 28, 2012
Instructor Course
May 2011 ... "May I also pass my thanks and appreciation to you for the way in which you presented and conducted the course, it was excellent."

February 28, 2012
Oct 2011 ... "I love training and rarely a day goes by in that role, that I don't reflect on a lesson learnt from you."

February 28, 2012
RCO Course
Jan 2011 ... "Thanks Chris great course and professionally presented, hope to shoot with you soon."

February 28, 2012
Oct 2011 ... "Oh Chris, you make me smile!  If there is one word I that will always trigger your memory for me, it has to be 'SPLENDID'!"

February 28, 2012
Coaching Course
Oct 2011 ... "Well done. I enjoyed that very much. No neg points at all. As well as the shooting I got some very interesting input on teaching as a whole."

February 28, 2012
Jan 2012 ... "Delighted you are going to get the Crime Prevention book published.  I told you at the time that it was excellent and there is still a need for something that puts everything together so succinctly. You are so modest, I don't think you realise what a very clever person you are."

February 28, 2012
May 2011 ... "May I just take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of the team for all of your efforts over the weekend it was truly inspiring."

February 28, 2012
Intelligent People keep on Learning

Oct 2011 ... "Hi Chris,
I've learned such a lot from you, and I am truly grateful."

February 28, 2012
Keep on Developing
June 2011 ... "I am very sorry to learn that your injury and other reasons have caused you to need to retire from competition. Many thanks for all your support in the competition world, and I am delighted that you will be able to continue some coaching.  It has been a real pleasure to see your skills developing and to see you personifying great sporting behaviour – well done!"

February 28, 2012

Jan 2012 ... Taken from:

"Chris Mason has started the South West Region Pistol Squad from scratch less than 2 years ago, recruited a training team around him, got them trained, and organized a group of shooters who he has taken on from where they were, to training in an organized and professional fashion which will enable them to compete at the top of their potential. He works tirelessly to provide for them, in spite of having a full time job.
Chris is one of the best motivators and organizers I have met. He is clear and open with the athletes, and provides the training and support network they need to achieve their full potential. He conducts himself with humor and compassion, and a deep understanding of the athletes needs, and what they need to achieve their goals, truly inspirational.
I have been in Shooting and a great many other sports for many years, and I have not met anyone else who has inspired me this way in 40 years. "