You Influence the Outcome when You Control the Process
Online Classroom April-12-2018

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Chris Mason PGCPSE  BSc

Chris is highly motivated and successful, with experience in leadership and developing others. 

Chris is an experienced Photographer. He developed his love of capturing moments and telling stories through his photographs at school as a member of the Photographic Club. His Documentary style of Photography has grown with experience and covering events such as weddings, corporate and sporting events.  Click here to view samples of his photographs. Click here to email Chris to discuss your needs.

Chris has over 40-years experience with shooting sports; he is a former pistol competitor with the Team England National Squad and achieved many titles including British Rapid Fire Pistol Champion, UK Police National Pistol Champion for four consecutive years and a European Bronze medal in his collection.

Chris is professionally qualified and has over 30-years experience in teaching, coaching, mentoring, assessing, evaluation and quality assurance. He is a former Fellow of the IVA for assessment and quality assurance. Chris has devised training programmes for newly appointed trainers and successfully operated an NVQ Assessment Centre; through which he authored new vocational qualifications within the NVQ framework.

Working with businesses Chris aims to provide the mental and tactical skills to enable them to compete successfully through the development of their leaders and teams. How do you know strategies are working? He can assist in the development of realistic evaluation and assessment tools to enable the management of performance improvements at individual, team and corporate levels.

Chris has developed a coaching style that successfully and rapidly improves the performance of the people he coaches. His practical approach to coaching is used to teach the technical, mental, physical and tactical skills to enable his athletes to compete successfully in sport.  He supports athlete development with individually tailored training plans and ongoing reviews. Many of his athletes are competing at National and International levels. He is the South West Region Head Pistol Coach and coaches ISSF competitors as well as Pentathletes and Tetrathletes for GB Pentathlon development squads and Pony Clubs. Chris' athletes enjoy splendid results with many achieving National and International success.

There is greater emphasis on Coach Compliance these days and in addition to Chris' teaching and assessment qualifications, he is compliant in:

  • NSRA Regional Pistol Coach and Appointed as the SW Regional Pistol Coach
  • Insured for Public Liability & Professional Indemnity
  • First Aid qualified EFAW
  • DBS Certificate
  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children

Chris is the author of many guides on the science and art of teaching and assessing. His latest works are published under the titles, 'Learning Matters' and 'Competitive Pistol Shooting'; both of these ebooks are currently available as a personalised copy in pdf format; please see Books and Guides and Competitive Pistol 

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Facebook Coaching: @SWRPS


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November 17, 2016
RCO Course

November 2016

Chris, just wanted to thank you for the excellent course today. You presented a well prepared course to a broad range of students from varying backgrounds and experience with firearms.
Over the years I have experienced a number of training courses the vast majority of which were not presented as well as today's. I feel confident that I have a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a range conducting officer.
Kind Regards

February 22, 2016
PSUK Champions 2015 & 16


Just to let you know, your coaching has not been forgotten!

If you recall, Pauline, Ernie, Chris and myself came down to see you a couple of years ago (following the Police Sport UK Championships at the Tunnel)

MY goal was to beat West Midlands!

WE DID actually achieve that last year at Leicestershire 2015 - (“AP Team Final 2015”)

Just to make sure, we did it again this year at West Midlands (yesterday) - (“SRC APistol Team FINAL 2015-16”)

From all of us ….. Thanks!

November 17, 2015
NSRA RCO Course & Mental Training

Morning Chris,
Thanks for the link and thank you for an enjoyable and informative day yesterday.
Thought the "mental" input in the pub was valuable and will try to put what I've learnt into practice. I do often find I have a negative internal dialogue.

November 17, 2015

Dear Chris,
Thank you for running such an informative and interesting a course today. Your friendly approach made it a most enjoyable experience for us; I feel certain we will meet again.

November 17, 2015
NSRA Club Pistol Instructors Course


Many thanks for yesterday. Delivered with the usual mix of knowledge, experience and good humour.

I have learnt a lot from yesterday and am keen to bombard my shooters with all my new found info

November 17, 2015
NSRA Club Pistol Instructors Course
That course was one of the most informative I have attended, and although this was the first pistol shooting one I have done, I have have done many courses in the past.
Thanks for everything.

October 17, 2015
Growing in Confidence

Oct 2015 ...

Hello Chris.

Sorry for such late email. Earlier today I got ready for competition tomorrow. I got my gear ready, clean my rifle etc. And I decided to have another read of your book. Thank you so much for all the help and motivation. That means a lot to me. There is sentence in one chapter " So charge up your engine and get moving " You have inspired me to do that. 
You make me believe in my self. I am grateful for that.
I like a taste of success, every time I better myself it leaves me wanting more.

September 13, 2015
Gold Medalist

Hi Chris. TRIPLE gold at the Devon open, thanks entirely to your coaching over the last five years. :) Michael  Bailey 

June 26, 2015
Precision Coaching

June 2015

Hello ji !!!(Guru=Master)
                How are you and ur family...?
I'm faring well chris...I am so proud to be your student..trainee and I assure you one day I will make you proud of me... .
        My grouping is getting better day by day...and I am very happy about it and I'm meditating and I do my shooting as a meditation and all my verbalization has stopped recently in these 5 days and I'm quite inside and there is only process I could feel...and very important my desire for 10 &10x had stopped completely and I'm totally in Alpha state for each shot process.. 
I didnt shoot for 4 days but was meditating and visualizing my squeezing process...something inside me occured I could feel positive energy n some blissfull energy....... 
     Thanks to you chris... will get back to you in a couple of days with my rapid fire experience...

with regards,

March 12, 2015
Managing Range Safety Course

March 2015

Hi Chris

"I would just like to say I found the course very informative and will make me more aware of situations when on a range.
I will hope to put the course into practise at Taunton club and the Tunnel."

October 16, 2014
ISSF Precious Air Pistol Coaching

Oct 2014

Thanks for this Chris, and for today - I really enjoyed meeting you and the wisdom you gave me. Barry

October 16, 2014
ISSF Rapid Fire Pistol Coaching

Oct 2014

Thanks Chris. Enjoyed our session in The Tunnel enormously, and look fwd to many more. I'll keep you posted with the interesting or significant.  In the meantime, thanks again for your enthusiastic coaching. Rick

October 5, 2014
10M Precision Air Pistol

Oct 2014

Thanks for today, I found it extremely informative. Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow.

October 5, 2014
50M Rifle

Sept 2014

I'm progressing well. Very positive. First practice at Bisley 375 ex 400 with a final string of 10.4, 10.8, 10.3, 10.9, 9.3  It's all looking good considering it was only my second time on a proper range. My faith is shared equally between us both, thank you for your help.

June 10, 2014
Preciision Pistol & Rifle Course: 12-Week D of E Skills Activity

June 2014

Thanks so much Chris, the kids have really enjoyed the course and I think both my boys will be keen to continue shooting with you one way or another, I will pass all your details on again for the benefit of any future groups who would like to arrange a D of E course with you. You have dealt with lively kids and all the paperwork, reports and stuff brilliantly and I really do appreciate it.