You Influence the Outcome when You Control the Process
Together October-9-2017

Chris' Coaching and Photography services are appearing together under the Aiming4Gold (A4G) trademark. 

Building Your Success and Preserving Your Memories 


Making & Capturing Your Moment


Gaining Your Competitve Advantage

Chris' coaching style successfully and rapidly improves the performance of the people he coaches. This is achieved by an effective relationship that recognises the Coach is the servant and in this way designs and delivers training to meet the ambitions and needs of the Client. Many of the skills we learn to become successful in sports are equally useful in life and business, which is why we offer coaching for business leaders, managers and teams.

Be Inspired ... Be Inspiring 


Capturing Your Moment

Chris' passion for Photography shows in his use of a documentary style of capturing images to tell your story; whether this is events, wedding, portraiture, architecture or landscapes. Chris' photographs are appreciated and used by businesses to promote themselves whether in print or online.

When you commission Chris, he will spend time with you beforehand to fully understand your wishes and needs. 

Your Moment ... Your Memories



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