You Influence the Outcome when You Control the Process
Aiming4Gold in Global Use March-3-2015

Aiming4Gold constructs and pedagogy are being used by other Countries in their High Performance Coaching.

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Coaching with Chris Mason


Gaining Your Competitve Advantage

Chris is a mental skills and sports Coach. His coaching style successfully and rapidly improves the performance of the people he coaches. Many of the skills we learn to become successful in sports are equally useful in life and business, which is why we offer coaching for business leaders, managers and teams.

You have the power to focus your concentration at will and influence the outcome of your ambitions and goals. It's thoughts that count and your success is proportional to how you see yourself at the limit of your ambition.

In sport, our aim is to provide the technical, mental, physical and tactical training to enable you to compete successfully. We specialise in shooting sports and many of our clients are competing at National and International levels. We are working with ISSF Pistol and Rifle competitors as well as Triathletes, Tetrathletes and Pentathletes including GB Development Squads. Chris' athletes have enjoyed another splendid year; many of whom have achieved National and International success.

In business, our aim is to provide the mental and tactical skills to enable you to compete successfully through the development of your leaders and teams. How do you know your strategies are working? We can assist you to develop realistic evaluation and assessment tools to enable you to manage your performance improvements at individual, team and corporate levels.

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